Japan. Observations vol.1

Guillaume Hansali
Guillaume Hansali
Japan. Observations vol.1

After 18 years in Japan, I'm still fascinated by how different yet familiar living here feels.

There's no way I can articulate that feeling and do it justice. Let alone in a few words.

Instead, I'd like to share personal observations. Each of them is probably worth an entire article. Let me know if you want me to dig deeper.

Opinions aren't free.

In doubt, do as others do.

Yes doesn't mean yes. It doesn't mean no either.

Belong or be marginalized.

You're a fool until you're a genius.

Respect personal spaces.

Kids bully other kids by ignoring them.

People get far too excited when they realize you're the same age.

Identity is fundamental. It's not about who people are but how they relate to others.

Japanese grandpas really like to stretch in the park.

People want to be at the periphery of attention. Not the center.

Everything breaks eventually.

Beer first.

Little boys reaaaally love trains.

Beards are frowned upon.

Non-literal jokes don't work. I tried. Many times.

No deodorant is better than too much.

Tolerance is not acceptance.

Check your socks for holes.

To be continued. Maybe.

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